MBWP News is an internal business newsletter service designed to revolutionize how your employees stay informed, engaged, and connected. Read on to discover how it can elevate your internal communication strategy.

What is this business newsletter all about?

Driven by my passion for writing, extensive psychotherapist background, and over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, the concept of launching an internal business newsletter took root. Recognizing the pivotal role emotional well-being plays in driving employee productivity and motivation, I embarked on this initiative.

During my tenure in full-time practice, I routinely witnessed the surge in consultation requests flooding my inbox on Monday mornings. This surge often stemmed from individuals scouring the internet for support as they braced themselves for the week ahead.

Interacting with executives further reinforced the profound link between employee performance and organizational success. Understanding that optimal performance hinges on mindset, motivation, morale, and effective mentorship, I recognize the crucial role of managers as mentors.

Business Newsletter

However, I also acknowledge the limitations of management in ensuring employees are well-informed about healthy lifestyle practices.

Empower your business with a captivating PDF/newsletter to foster a personal connection with your employees while incorporating essential elements like mindset, motivation, and morale. Crafted by a certified functional medicine practitioner, a seasoned therapist with 25 years of experience, and a business mindset coach, each newsletter will feature meticulously curated articles.

Witness tangible returns on investment manifested through heightened employee engagement, improved retention rates, and a profound assurance that your commitment to your staff’s well-being extends beyond conventional bounds.

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Internal Business Newsletter


Customized Newsletter Design

The Internal Business Newsletter Service offers fully customizable designs to align with your company’s branding. From color schemes to logo integration, we create newsletters that reflect the unique identity of your business.

Content Creation and Curation

Let me handle the heavy lifting. I will craft engaging and relevant content that keeps your employees informed about company updates, industry trends, and upcoming events as well as healthy personal lifestyle habits that promote emotional well-being. These lifestyle habits will be delivered in sound-bite sizes so not to overcomplicate the small changes that create lifelong physical and mental health. From easy healthy recipes to scientifically and psychologically proven ways to save your relationships, your body, and your bank account, your employees will look forward to the newsletter arriving in their inbox.

Interactive Surveys and Feedback

Foster two-way communication with interactive surveys and feedback forms. Gain insights into employee opinions, suggestions, and concerns, creating a more inclusive and collaborative workplace culture.

Regular Internal Business Newsletter Scheduling

Consistency is key to effective business. Therefore, having a scheduled Internal Business Newsletter service ensures a consistent and expected message to your employees. I call it my Monday Morning Motivational Message or the 4M newsletter, ensuring they start their week off right.

Multimedia Integration

Bring your newsletters to life with multimedia elements. Incorporate images, videos, and interactive content to enhance engagement and deliver information in a dynamic and compelling way.

Employee Spotlights

Recognize and celebrate the achievements of your team members with dedicated employee spotlights. This Internal Business Newsletter Service provides a platform to showcase the people behind the success of your organization.

Benefits of Our Internal Business Newsletter Service

Boosted Employee Engagement

Keep your team engaged and motivated with informative and visually appealing newsletters. Well-informed employees are more likely to feel connected to the company’s goals and mission.

Enhanced Communication Flow

Bridge communication gaps within your organization by establishing a consistent and reliable channel. The Internal Business Newsletter Service ensures that important information reaches all employees, regardless of their location or department.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Save valuable time and resources by entrusting your internal communication to our experts. I handle compelling and read-worthy content creation, engaging design, and reliable distribution, allowing management to focus on core business activities.

Improved Company Culture

Cultivate a positive company culture by celebrating achievements, milestones, and employee contributions. Our newsletters contribute to a sense of community and pride among your team members.

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