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For anyone who deals with staffing issues, turnover intention is a big deal. The cost of retraining staff is a significant expense and one that is avoidable if staff were treated well and valued. The problem is, that not all companies have the capital to create a work environment similar to Goop and Google, where massage parlors can be found on the second floor and organic produce line staff kitchen’s fridge shelves.

This is where an Internal Newsletter becomes your best business solution for employee education and connection. For a fraction of the cost of other employee incentive programs, a newsletter is the perfect solution to fill the gap between employer and employee. My Newsletter Service is an affordable and consistent means of providing your staff with enough ‘love’ that makes them feel valued, respected, productive, and appreciated.

A Simple Business Newsletter Can Do That?

Do not underestimate the power of a good read from a reputable source. Bibliotherapy is an actual term that refers to the relaxing and reassuring effect of reading.

Wait, I know what you are thinking…

Most Business Newsletters are as dull as @&*%! 

But they don’t have to be—not if you hire a writer for the Internal Business Newsletter who knows what the employee wants to read.

As a psychotherapist, author, and certified functional medicine practitioner, this newsletter will differ from the typical company newsletter no one opens. It will be curated to your business’s needs and packed full of meaningful topics targeted towards sound mental and physical health.

Let me explain what drives retention and motivation and incentivizes employees to continue to show up at work. 

It’s company culture.

With a strong company culture, employees feel loved and cared for, and they want to boomerang that love right back at you!

I know this sounds incredibly cheesy, but it is true.

What does a lack of self-love look like in a workplace?

When people don’t have enough love for Themselves, they look externally. They chase love through external validation. (Hey, they might even chase another colleague for that love – and if married, we don’t want that either!).

You want them to:

  • Do the best work for you and the company, leading to success without chasing status or numbers.
  • Have a long-term vision for the company.
  • To be in it for the long game and dedicated to the cause.

A genuine love of themselves leads to workplace satisfaction (as an aside, the same is valid for relationships). If you can make the company culture a ‘touchy-feely’ place, then you are simulating the ‘free love’ movement of the 60s and 70s without holding Woodstock!

It is like infusing the workplace with the scent of apple pie, a sense of a warm, satisfying aura that makes them feel they are coming ‘home.’ 

It is a place where employees send some love and respect to a colleague, and that person sends it back. The circulation of love causes an employee to WANT to be at work.

Studies upon studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between a worker’s subjective well-being and productivity (1)

Individuals who are happy in their work have a better attitude when performing activities; quite simply, happier employees are more productive.

Furthermore, these same studies show that meaningful work, feeling appreciated by coworkers, and enjoyment of daily tasks significantly predict happiness at work. A logit model showed that having a job that contributes to people’s life purpose, feeling appreciated, and enjoyment of daily tasks reduces turnover intention. (1)

The last thing you want is for your trained employees with years of experience to jump ship to the competitors’ side or continually chase the next shiny object. Employee turnover intention (ETI) is an essential and often overlooked metric that more businesses must pay attention to. Human Resources needs to monitor ETI to maintain a respectful bottom line.

You don’t need to hope and pray or continue to pay thousands of dollars per month to feel more reassured about employee retention. It turns out that it is much easier.

It is reaching out weekly through an Internal Business Newsletter and showing them that you care about their health.

Health is our greatest asset and, as it turns out, our greatest superpower.

Ensure that your employees are healthy by signing up today.

(1) Charles-Leija H, Castro CG, Toledo M, Ballesteros-Valdés R. Meaningful Work, Happiness at Work, and Turnover Intentions. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Feb 17;20(4):3565. doi: 10.3390/ijerph20043565. PMID: 36834260; PMCID: PMC9963286.)

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